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Ecovillage articles and reports

We’ve gathered a selection of articles and reports to inform and inspire about ecovillage design, development and culture and related topics.

Searching for utopia in our warming world

People around the world are joining ecovillages — where neighbors share responsibilities like farming and childcare — as climate change makes them search for a more sustainable existence.

A ‘green road’ leads Ukrainians to shelter in ecovillages

The Green Road project has helped over 3,000 displaced Ukrainians find safe housing in ecovillages throughout Ukraine and across Europe.

The Green Road of Ecovillages

In times of tragedy and disaster, people can come together and do extraordinary things. And so it is in and around Ukraine

5 breathtaking ecovillages that will make you want to drop everything and go off-grid

A tour around some of Europe’s most stunning communities

Status Report on Community Led Climate Action in Europe

The ECOLISE Status Report is a vital resource documenting for the first time the scope and extent of community-led climate and sustainability initiatives in Europe.

Ecovillage Research Library

Find a full library of ecovillage research on the E-Community platform

Community-building resources

Find guides on how to start a community, engaging youth in their communities, and ecovillage design courses.


CLIPS is GEN Europe’s flagship Community Incubator training programme. Find community-building and download the must-read CLIPS Guide.


Designed for youth workers, this platform created by ecovillagers contains over 80 activities for empowering youth as change-makers in their community.

Ecovillage Design Education (EDE)

The Ecovillage Design Education curriculum, certified by Gaia Education, is a deep dive into the world of ecovillages. Many ecovillages around the world offer in-person courses, as well as online offerings.

Sustainability in Youth Exchanges

A resource created by and for youth workers, this guide help you plan sustainable and fun youth exchanges!


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Article description


A selection of books about ecovillages, permaculture, community-building and more.


Watch educational webinars, get inspired by documentaries, and see ecovillages up close with our video library.

Ecovillages, Peace and Climate Change in Colombia

GEN’s workshop at the COP 22 Climate Summit

Kosha Joubert in Auroville

Regenerative Community Design with Daniel Wahl


Videos about ecovillages selected from our YouTube channel

Communities of Hope

A beautifully-shot documentary showcasing the ecovillage movement filmed at the 2019 European Ecovillage Gathering in Bagnaia, Italy

Living Library

Discover ecovillage wisdom through interviews with experts and request a consultation

Ecovillage Tours

Explore ecovillages without leaving your home!


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