“GEN Europe is more than a network to me. It’s my international family…I know I’ll be able to travel anywhere and have a home”

Annika, Sieben Linden (Germany)

Our members

As a network, we are powered by our members: over 100 ecovillages and aspiring ecovillage projects and 18 national ecovillage networks in 26 countries and counting. Our members collaborate on projects, exchange ideas and expertise, support one another in times of need, and network and build friendships at our events.

We also welcome individual members, who are not necessarily ecovillagers themselves but wish to show support for the wider movement and enjoy the benefits of individual membership such as discounts on our events. You can become an individual member here (link).

Whether as an ecovillage or an individual, here are many benefits to becoming a member of GEN Europe – discover them and join us on the Membership page (link).

Meet our members

Our members range from small off-grid hamlets to large federations. Discover more about some of our member ecovillages and how they are taking practical action to incorporate holistic sustainability into their daily lives.

The Social dimension
Tamera Healing Biotope, Portugal

“Our goal is a world without war, governed by cooperation and trust among all beings. To get there, we share our vision of Terra Nova and the Healing Biotopes Plan with people worldwide, through our blog and Publishing House – Verlag Meiga. We build a planetary community of change makers, do peacework in crisis areas and create a regional and national network. Our ethical values are truth, trust and mutual participation.”

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the economic dimension
gASTWERKe, Germany

“With the launch of our community in 2009, we decided to share a common economy. That is, all our income goes into a common fund and we then take from it the money that we really need. It feels right that we all have equal access to the common money. Farmers and psychologists do not have the same income in our society. But healthy food is at least as important as a healthy psyche. Why then should some of our community have more opportunities than others at the end of the day? Besides, it makes a lot of things easier such as our joint shopping, shared cars, renovation costs, etc. Nothing has to be divided and counted apart anymore. We use everything together. For us, this is a way of solidarity that eliminates income differences and contributes to community”

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The Ecological dimension
Sunseed Desert Technology, Spain

“In small plots we try different techniques and tools to restore the ecosystem. The region is affected by ongoing desertification and struggles with processes like land degradation, water exploitation and erosion. We work with soil, plants and water, building constructions to minimize the erosion, redirect the water to slow it down and to let it infiltrate the land, planting and seeding native plants to increase the rootstock and organic matter.”

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The Cultural dimension
Solheimar, Iceland

“We take joy in creativity. We aim above everything to maintain an environment that stimulates creativity and is characterised by joy. We are not afraid to break new ground in order to achieve better results and promote the well-being of the village’s inhabitants.
We help each other to engage the creative powers in each individual.”

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